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Posted on: October 1, 2019

Water System Update

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After receiving citizen complaints in recent weeks about turbidity (discoloration, cloudiness) in the water, our Public Works staff began a program of flushing lines and increased monitoring. The situation persisted, however, so we asked an outside, third-party lab to analyze water samples and provide assistance. Here are the facts you need to know on the water in Coweta:

  1. First and foremost, the water is safe to drink. Our tests and the outside testing both confirm this. "Safe" does not mean "acceptable" and we are working to make some long term changes to address this issue.
  2. There have been no EPA or DEQ violations during this situation. DEQ is aware of the situation and agrees the water is safe to drink. Again, “safe" does not mean anyone at the City is okay with the current situation.
  3. The turbidity issue is being caused by a chemical reaction among one normal additive to our water system and another naturally occurring mineral. Even a slight variation in the levels can have a big impact, and that is what we are experiencing in much of the water distribution system.
  4. The correction required is to adjust the levels of the additive to precisely align with the mineral levels. We are already beginning that process.
  5. To ensure the levels remain aligned, we’ll be adding additional testing for these specific levels.
  6. To return the system to normal, we will need to have time for the new chemical balance to move throughout the system. We will continue to flush lines across town to accelerate that process and remove the discolored water from the system as fast as possible.
  7. It is likely to take several days to a week for the water to completely clear in all areas of town.
  8. Finally, in the past few weeks, a new employee, Wes Richter, has joined the City Staff as the supervisor for the Water Treatment and Distribution Facility. He will be working to ensure the system operates as intended going forward.
  9. It is safe to do laundry, however some decolorization may occur with loads of whites, especially if bleach is added to the wash.
  10. We know this is frustrating. We apologize for the inconvenience and unsightliness, and assure everyone it will get better.

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