The Administration department includes the City Manager and Assistant City Manager. The City Manager is appointed by and reports directly to the City Council. Responsibilities include:

  • Administering the local government in accordance with city ordinances
  • Supervising all departments
  • Preparing the annual budget
  • Performing such other activities as directed by the City Council

Records & Information

Information available from the Administration office includes City Council meeting dates, agendas, minutes and any other open record.

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City Manager Reports

Interim City Manager Report 1

Interim City Manager Report 2

Interim City Manager Report, 11/9/23

Omni Recommendations Letter, 11/8/23

Interim City Manager Report, 11/27/23

Interim City Manager Report, 12/1/23

Interim City Manager Report, 12/8/23

Interim City Manager Report, 12/15/23

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Report, 12/15/23

Interim City Manager Report 12/29/23

Interim City Manager Report 1/12/24

Interim City Manager Report 1/19/24

Interim City Manager Report 2/2/24

Interim City Manager Report 2/9/24

Example Photo 2/9/24

Example Photo 2 2/9/24

Example Photo 3 2/9/24

City Response to DEQ Sanitary Survey NOV P-1025109 2/1/24

DEQ Response to 2/1/24 Action Plan from City

Interim City Manager Report, 2/16/24

January 2024 NOV Closure, 2/14/24

ODOT Open House Letter, 2/12/24

Rural Water District #4 Letter

Interim City Manager Report, 2/23/24

DEQ NOV P-1021509, 2/20/24

Coweta Municipal Code, RVs